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Measles information 13 March 2019

There is currently an outbreak of Measles in Canterbury. Measles is highly infectious so this is a great time to check you are fully immunised.
If you were born before 1969 - you are considered to have immunity as most people had been exposed to measles and therefore have immunity.
Most people born in the 1970s or 1980s will have been offered one or the required two dose of measles vaccine as children. Those born from the 1990s onwards may have been offered two doses. If you are not sure how many doses you have had, talk to your doctor as the information may be in your medical records. If you cannot demonstrate immunity or have not had two doses, vaccination is recommended, provided you have no contraindications (such as pregnancy).
For further information, please click this link: http://www.immune.org.nz  


The MOH has advised that all MMR1 Vaccinations should be given at 12months now instead of the scheduled 15 months.  Our nurses will be in contact with those who qualify.  All scheduled 15 month immunisations should be given at 12 months until further notice.

We would like to advise our patients that we are now at our new premises 

11 - 13 Cortina Place, Pakuranga

The centre at William Roberts Road is closed for all services.

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Pakuranga Medical Centre




Pakuranga Medical Centre is nowlocated at the end of Cortina Place - 11-13 Cortina Place Pakuranga.  We are open 5 ½ days per week offering a wide range of medical services.


Our vision is to provide a centre of excellence enhancing the lives of our patients.  We are dedicated to helping people with any and all health issues through education, prevention and treatment.


Our values guide us in the way we work and foster an encouraging, supportive and professional environment for all.


We are a Cornerstone Accredited Centre since 2008.  This is assessed regularly by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners ensuring high  quality standards are consistently met.


We are a member of the East Health Trust PHO which enables us to offer subsidised visits to our enrolled patients.  We also offer a wide range of programmes to support our patients with higher needs.


We offer free general consultations for all of our enrolled under 13 year old patients.


Other services available on site include: Psychology, Podiatry, Gastroenterology, Physiotherapy, Lab and Pharmacy as well as a large number of community services through our general practice.

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