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Preventer Inhaler (Flixotide, Pulmicort, Becalazone, Budenocort)

Preventer inhalers take 7 days to work and 21 days to real full effect.  Only REGULAR use will reduce excess muscle spasm and mucous production.  Using a spacer will have better results.


These inhalers can give sore throats and oral thrush; always rinse your mouth after use.  We recommend you keep your inhaler with the spacer by your toothbrush, so you can clean your teeth after using your inhaler.


We also recommend you date your inhaler or put in your diary when the doses have been used e.g. Flixotide has 120 doses, 2 puffs daily will last you 2 months or 60 days.  You may not realise the inhaler is empty.


If you need daily reliever for exercise induced Asthma you may need a preventer!


For seasonal use of the preventer start well before the season starts e.g. for prevention of Asthma associated with chest infections in winter start your preventer in March and continue until the end of September.


If your still need to use your reliever inhaler more than twice/week despite using your daily preventer, see your doctor as you may benefit from a slow release preventer or a combined inhaler.




Reliever Inhaler (Ventolin, Bricanyl, Respigen, Salamol)


GOOD CONTROL of Asthma means 1-2 puffs (or less) of reliever inhaler weekly


UNCONTROLLED ASTHMA can lead to Chronic Respiratory Disease


RELIEVER INHALERS work within 5 minutes with full effect in 20 minutes and last 5 hours


AT THE ONSET OF COLD SYMPTOMS you can take 2 puffs every 4 hours until cold settles



Children – 6 puffs every 4 hours, if needing more seek medical attention.  If needing more under 2 hours CALL an ambulance and give 6 puffs every 6 minutes

Adults – 12 puffs every 4 hours, if needing more seek medical attention.  If needing more under 2 hours CALL an ambulance and give 12 puffs every 12 minutes.

REMEMBER: to give just 1 puff at a time, inhale slowly and steadily 6 times without releasing your mouth from the spacer.  Repeat in quick succession, shaking the inhaler between each puff.


CLEAN YOUR SPACER ONCE A WEEK with soap and water and leave to dry.

REPLACE YOUR SPACER EVERY 6 MONTHS, ask your health provider.



Contact the nurses for any queries on 9507351 ext 3 OR email

For further information:   -  Try the “Asthma Control Test”


Using an Inhaler Spacer